Your Culture of Leadership

By: Jeff Rogers

Leading an organization of any size can be a difficult endeavor. By nature, leadership is subject to interpretation and variation, but only if we allow it. I have written a lot on leadership styles and bedrock principles. I have learned along the way and often speak to the idea that business systems do the heavy lifting and leaders lead people. I believe that to be true. I am also big on systems and accountability. Below is my idea of what can happen when you lead with systems. It’s funny how people behave when they can understand and get behind your vision. Help them connect the dots. Here is my idea on how to accomplish that sometimes-complicated effort.

Vision, Mission, Values

  • Who you are and where you are going
  • How you are going to get there
  • Our rules
  • Used as a tool (so much of it becomes embedded in the company DNA)

Five-Year Goal

  • Think big
  • Specific picture
  • Belief

Jeff Rogers

Three-Year Goal

  • Aligned with five-year goal and guidepost
  • Specific
  • Belief

Annual Solid Intention (One-Year Goal)

  • Valuable, attainable, measurable, committed to memory, burning desire
  • Guidepost goals
  • The game and goal (keep score, post the score, share the win)
  • Teach the team how to win
  • Used to prioritize issues list

90-Day Rocks

  • Path toward solid intention
  • Priorities listing
  • Reviewed and modified at executive team meetings

Weekly Action Plans

  • From the executive team meeting notes
  • Results are a must and exceptions require early notice and reasons
  • Communicated to team via executive team member representative

Accountability Chart for Sales, Operations, Administration, Integrator, Visionary

  • Includes specific areas of responsibility
  • Used for accountability and action steps assignment
  • Flat as practical
  • Used for communication (between executives and the team)
  • Appeals to integrator (who uses discretion)

Executive Team and Executive Team Meetings

  • Department “Leaders” (own the process and results)
  • Weekly meetings, monthly meetings, quarterly 90-day plan reviews
  • Prioritize issues list
  • Action steps assigned to individuals and they are accountable for completion
  • Written notes and executive team binders
  • Leadership training

CEO Briefings: Monthly Letter to the Team and Stakeholders

  • Report on executive team initiatives
  • Introduce new team members
  • Reinforce the vision, mission, values and highlight specific achievements
  • Updates on the game and goal
  • SOP training

Issues List

  • Comprehensive listing of every issue standing between where you are and where you want to be
  • Prioritized
  • Reviewed and strategized at monthly executive team meetings

Right People in Right Positions

  • Must be aligned with vision, mission, values
  • They have to “Get it”
  • They have to “Want it”
  • They have to have the capacity
  • No square pegs in round holes

The Great Bullpen: Monthly Team Meeting

  • After hours with food provided
  • Compare behavior to vision, mission and values; when not congruent, agree to change the statements or the behavior
  • Current condition
  • Leadership briefing
  • Leadership training, SOP training and team-building exercise
  • Game and goal update
  • Awards


  • Documented
  • Trained
  • Accountable
  • SOP development

Marketing and Sales

  • Define your target market
  • Competitive differentiators
  • Patient process and patient acquisition

Sharing Success

Share in team success stories and thank-you statements among team members

This is a very comprehensive outline you can use for success in your practice.

For more information on guidance and assistance implementing a more robust culture of leadership experience in your practice, you may contact Jeff Rogers at 315-430-0657, email or visit