Enhancing Patient Care Through Clinical Research with Velocity

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare staying at the forefront of medical advancements is crucial. Velocity Clinical Research, a global leader in conducting clinical trials with almost 100 sites worldwide, offers an 

avenue for healthcare professionals in the Central New York region to contribute to this evolution and significantly impact the future of patient care. By referring patients to clinical trials at Velocity Syracuse, you not only provide them with access to next-generation healthcare options but also participate in the advancement of medical knowledge and treatment.

Transforming Patient Engagement with Clinical Research
Velocity Syracuse is currently spearheading several clinical trials covering a wide range of medical conditions. Current studies include; cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease and

agitation associated with it, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, secondary treatment of hypercholesterolemia, severe hypertriglyceridemia, gastroparesis, hepatic encephalopathy, obesity, and several vaccine trials. 

We are also participating in a unique clinical trial involving the evaluation of a new PET scan tracer to better identify brain changes in early Alzheimer’s disease. The study is looking for patients with a projected life expectancy of less than one year, with and without Alzheimer’s, who are willing to undergo a PET scan and donate their brain postmortem for comparison and evaluation.

A Step Towards Better Healthcare
Referring patients to clinical trials at Velocity is not just about accessing new treatment options, it is about being part of the larger community and movement toward the future of healthcare. It is also an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of medicine while simultaneously enhancing patient care and distinguishing your practice as one that is evidenced based and forward thinking.

These trials are more than just research studies; they are potential advanced treatment options for those patients with conditions not adequately addressed by existing therapies. Referring patients to clinical trials empowers and enables them to play a more active role in their healthcare journey.

Collaboration and Compensation
Participants in all studies receive compensation for their time and effort. Other advantages for individuals who participate in clinical trials include but are not limited to; access to medications irrespective of cost, transportation to/from our office if necessary, and additional medical testing that may not otherwise be available through the course of routine medical care.

We are committed to full collaboration and continuity of care with medical providers and the patients we share. We recognize the importance of sharing this information and the value of working together. We also make every effort to minimize time and work required to make a referral to us. Additionally, Velocity is striving to extend the potential benefits of participation in clinical research to everyone equitably. Historically, minority populations have been significantly underrepresented in research studies. We continue to make efforts to promote diversity in clinical research.

Stay Informed and Involved
We urge you to embrace this possibility to make a significant difference. Join Velocity in shaping the future of healthcare, one patient, one trial at a time.

To stay updated on the latest studies and how they align with your patients’ needs, you can easily reach out to us at Syracuse@VelocityClinical.com. Your proactive engagement ensures that you are always informed about the latest clinical research opportunities available
for your patients.

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